Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tips or tricks to stay young

Tips or tricks to stay young I present you may not need while still under the age of 40 years. The face still looks fresh and still felt strong physically.

But as dusk age and physique did not fit anymore, then we realize and regret had not been eating some tips that apply youthful following.

Nothing to regret later. There is no harm in trying right now.

Shown Ten Years Younger

WHEN you are flat on the age of 50 the number of later, you are willing to remain physically healthy appearing like 40-an? Operations, technology, chemicals, whether it's a way to keep it healthy and youthful looks? Some people think some of these things that will help them to look young, but at least they help only helps to give the maximum 5-year look younger. The ability to offer them with quality warranty still not perfect.

Then how to get perfect results, whether the operation should be doubled, technology or chemical consumption? Not so the answer. Use of chemicals in a long period of time certainly has certain side effects, there is fear even a bad effect for some parts of the body. Similar to the operation, which has limited treatment. There's no way your body feels whole operation just to look younger.

Here's a tip from, there are a few recipes worth a try so you look 10 years younger.

According to dr. Bhakti Satya State, all natural ingredients that are all around you and almost every day is a miracle drug consumption that will make you stay healthy and youthful. Next back to you to take advantage of these resources for maximum results.


All the young drug in the womb of vegetables and fruits. Enrich your consumption by 5 kinds of vegetables and 5 types of fruit each day, in your daily menu. Not be in significant amounts, but varied for all the needs adequate vitamins and minerals.


Reduce your consumption of carbohydrates, too many carbs will minimize your desire sufficient vitamins and minerals from other foods. For example, if the portion of rice is too much, you must be lazy eat vegetables, a result that the body needs vitamins from vegetables decreased. No more room for the rest of the fruit that your body is also required. Therefore, set the menu to suit your needs, try to balance all your dreams for healthy and youthful achieved.


Often heralded that the body needs exercise to stay fit. What sport best to maintain the beauty, health and youthfulness of your body? All sports are moving your body is very good, you just tend to focus on quantity and you forget the important essence of an exercise. Continuity and discipline are far more important exercise than if you practice hard. You will find maximum benefit when your exercise routine.


A cheerful laughter on your face will help move the muscles in the face. It is very difficult efforts to move the face, unlike other body parts are free to move. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and laugh in your happiness. Think of these as facial gymnastics, as well as the equivalent of your body while doing aerobics.


One other key is the mineral water, which was just taken for granted by some people. Consumption of mineral water is often very low, but the body really needs healthy effects of mineral water to maintain body moisture. Are you still hesitant to eat at least 8 glasses of mineral water a day?